When you find our bed and breakfast in Northamptonshire, you don’t just get a comfy place to lay your head and a very tasty breakfast in the morning. We like to offer you a bit of local knowledge as well.

Battle of NorthamptonNorthamptonshire is steeped in history that so many people are simply not aware of. An example of this is the battle of Northampton that took place in July 1460. The battle was fought in the grounds of Delapre Abbey which is now mainly a golf course.

The battle involved the Lancastrians, ruled by King Henry VI and the Yorkists, headed up by the Earl of Warwick. This could possibly be one if the shortest conflicts ever as it apparently only lasted about thirty minutes!

King Henry’s men were lead by Lord Grey of Ruthin who at the time had a property dispute to resolve with Lord Fanhope. He was not awarded support from the King and so he sent a secret message to Warwick to say that he would change sides if the Yorkists would assist him in his dispute with Lord Fanhope. Warwick agreed and so as his men approached the Lancastrian right flank, Grey had his men lay down their weapons and allow the Yorkists through in to the camp beyond.

A few of King Henry’s men died whilst trying to fight off the Yorkists, but the King was captured and became a puppet in the control of the Yorkists.

Battle of NorthamptonWe tell you this because at the end of September we had two guests stay with us who were connected separately with Battlefields. Dudley Giles, who is an official Battlefields Guide and a retired Colonel of the Military Police. They stayed on the eve of taking the Syresham History Society on a battlefield tour of Ypres and the Somme Battlefields. The party visited the Menin Gate in Ypres and heard the moving nightly rendition of the Last Post. They were moved to stand by the grave of a 15-year old and one member of the party found the grave of a relative  from Yorkshire.

At the same time Chris & Maria Reeve were staying with us before taking part in the Destrier Tournament at Biddlesden, which included medieval skill-at-arms, jousting and foot combat.